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I am a divorced farther of two living in Terre Haute Indiana. I have been writing seriously for almost seven years. The Navelen Chronicles is the first of what I hope will be many stories that readers will come to love in the same way I love the stories that inspired me to try and write. I like many fantasy fans first fell in love with the works of C.S Lewis and The Lord of Fantasy J.R.R Tolkien. I have also been influenced by the work of contemporary writers like R.A. Salvatore and George R.R Martin, also thinking of adding some abbreviations into my name just so I feel like I fit into the genre.(joking mostly)

I have recently been diagnosed as Bipolar 1 and have decided to share my experience as openly and candidly as I am able in hopes that others struggling with illness of their own will go and get the help they need. I waited for many years to take the first step and deeply regret not doing it sooner. I now want others who suffer to know that they are not the only one and that there is still hope for us all if we reach out and take the help that is offered. I know how difficult the process can be, which is why I share my own struggles. I cannot stress how important this has become to me and I hope that if you are struggling you will get help you need.


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  1. Rayna Boothby says :

    Ilove and miss you,gram

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