A Bipolar Year Week 1

Hello Readers,

I know that many of you have read my recent post, Standing On the Edge and Lights In the Darkness, again thank you for your words of compassion and encouragement. I also have the first installment of my journal that I would like to share. I find myself growing increasingly nervous about publishing it. I find I am getting more comfortable sharing my inner thoughts on this forum but am still a little uncomfortable when people I see regularly ask me about this blog. I do think that it will get better with time and I find the act of talking about my illness and the things I share on here are helping me to embrace my strengths and accept my weaknesses.

I still hope to for my blog to be a window into mental illness for my readers but am finding this project is increasingly becoming about me identifying and eliminating the things in my life that trigger my episodes. I am finding that I need to be far more disciplined than I have been in the past. I am finding it difficult to make some of the changes but am finding others happening on their own. I do think that writing about how I’m feeling is helping me be more mindful and I am hopeful that I can continue to learn more about myself through this process.

I really had to resist the urge to go behind myself and edit my entries but have decided they should be shared raw. I made this decision because I do not want to paint an overly light or dark picture of what I go through in my daily life. It is easy for a person in my position to have an all or nothing mindset regarding their mental health and I want to avoid that trap in order to paint as clear and precise a picture for my readers as possible. I really hope that you will find this as informative as I have and that after reading this you will have a clearer picture of mental illness.

3/16 9:52 am

feeling a little emotional today. I think it is because I have not taken meds in a couple days because I drank entirely to much Saturday night. I have come to the conclusion that I am going to have to stop drinking. I no longer feel like I can do so in a safe manner. Really hoping I can find some way to feel more positive today. I do get to see the kids later though, so if I can hold it together till then I know they will cheer me up, they always do.

3/16 10:20 pm

found myself cycling through the range of emotions most of the afternoon but did not feel overwhelmed by them thank god. The day did get better once I went to see the kids and had some company, learning that being alone too much is not good for me despite my desire to be alone at times. Finding that I am a little worried about that fact going forward not sure how I am going to be able to live alone at some point if I cannot get a handle on that particular issue. Already finding myself more thoughtful about my state of mind knowing I am going to need to do a journal entry, hoping that the trend will continue. Going to be a good boy and take my pill tonight hope tomorrow is a little better than today but know I can live with it if its not.

3/17 9:37 am

not feeling to bad this morning, just a little groggy from meds. confident that I can cope today, hope I am right. Gonna try to get to the bmv and get a new ID, figure doing something productive will help me keep me positive today. I get to see the kids again today too, so today at least I feel like I have a good chance to enjoy it which is cool because I have not had a really good day in a few weeks.

3/17 9:24 pm

managed to get my Id renewed, glad I got it done. The rest of my day went pretty well had a couple moments but over all turned out to be a good day. Hope I can repeat it tomorrow.

3/18 9:42 am

feeling ok this morning a little sad though I”m not entirely sure why. Find myself questioning some of my relationships and what i want them to be compared to what they are, a little confusing to be honest. feeling very vulnerable this morning think i”m gonna lay low and try to gather my thoughts, hope I can figure out how i”m feeling without having to embrace the dark side today.

3/18 8:31 pm

felt kinda angry through the afternoon not really sure why. got better as the day went on. was looking at statistics for my blog and found that it has been viewed in six countries at this point think that’s pretty cool, also am starting to get more views and likes all the time makes me feel like my writing is getting better. feeling hopeful right now that and grateful to be alive with a chance to improve my life hope I still feel like this when I wake up in the morning want to get an application in tomorrow.

3/19 9:24 am

feeling crappy this morning, more grumpy than anything not really in the mood to screw with this.

3/19 9:51 pm

Big Homie got ahold of me today, everything was cool from there. I think I had just enough to do to keep me busy and got to have some interesting conversations. Overall I would have to say today turned out pretty good. gonna try to get that app in tomorrow.

3/20 10:00 am

feeling pretty good this morning, a little pill hangover. Can feel the negative lurking on the peripheral of my mind but feel like as long as I stay positive it will be ok. Have had some of my readers ask me about my blog in person, finding that as I get more comfortable talking about that it doesn’t bother me as much to live it, think the fact I feel like I using the negative for positive is helping. going to try and keep things positive today, we’ll see how it goes.

3/20 11:PM

had an ok day for the most part, ended up feeling really lonely by the time I went to bed. Think I will continue to feel lonely at times as long as I do not have companionship, could be a long time too I have a feeling. I guess i’ll say today was ok and see if tomorrow will be better.

3/21 8:53 am

feeling kinda low this morning, think my lonely vibe from last night stuck around. Leaves me really wishing I was better at the close personal relationship thing. I even have a women in mind that I think could be good for me but can’t seem to start the discussion or even figure out whether there really is potential in that direction or not. Finding myself being confused like this makes me feel very damaged and frustrated. Definitely one of those things that makes me wonder if the same things that go through everyone’s mind when it comes to romance are as all over the place as the things that go through mine. Know I won’t find the answers to that question today but will be keeping my eyes open for a solution. Get to see the kids later, really happy about that, life just doesn’t seem as bad when they are around. I guess I know the lonely thing will probably take care of itself eventually just hope I can make better decisions in that regard than I have in the past. Not sure why I’m so in my head this morning but have a feeling it is going to be a thoughtful day, hopefully I can keep a positive outlook as I find myself lost in thought searching for a way forward.

3/21 11:00 pm

normal lonely feelings starting to think they are just my night time companion. nothing else to share really.

3/22 9:45 am

feeling crappy this morning, no reason I can think of. Hope I get to see a friend of mine today but not holding my breath. Wish I could put my finger on why I seem to wake up grumpy, wonder if its because I wake up alone every morning but can’t say for sure. I can never rule out the fact I might just be being a psycho and my feelings are just random chemical releases made by my bleeped up brain. I hate the fact that I can never truly trust my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I also have to accept that psychosis is a part of my life and I will always have to be careful to be on the look out for irrational thoughts and feelings. I find myself resentful of my illness this morning, coming to believe the bitterness toward my sickness is just going to be a another part of life to manage. Find myself wondering what it is like to be one of the normal people, think it would be boring sometimes but still don’t think I would mind giving it a try. Definitely can tell I will have to mindful as I go through my day, can tell it could turn bad on me if I don’t.

3/22 11:00 pm

Day did not turn out too bad. Feeling very lonely but optimistic about the future because I feel like as long as I keep trying to improve my life it will have to get better. Been thinking about the normal people comment from this morning and realized it just can’t happen and that I need to get really good at being crazy. I mean good at it as in functional despite the crazy not that I want to just be bat shit crazy in my daily life. This journal has given a lot to think about next week and I hope it has the same effect on me next week that it did this one.

Well, there is week one of my planned year long journal. I hope I have given a glimpse into my world. I look forward to your feed back and sincerely hope I have accomplished my goal of showing you what a week in my head is like. As always thank you for reading and if you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, speak up, speak out, get help!


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